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Our Safety Speakers have all been affected by workplace injury or fatality, but they are not safety professionals. The stories we tell are not about Statistics or procedures, they are real life messages on how getting hurt or killed while doing our job has changed their lives.

Real Life Safety from Real Life People

What people say
  • Kym Saunders

    Anton, like all the CNBSafe Speakers gave a very real and touching account of how his workplace injury changed not only his life but that of his loved ones. We have received some fantastic feedback from several of our staff members about Anton’s message and hope his words stay fresh in their minds for time […]

  • Andrew Woodward

    Alan’s story was a great example of how many people a workplace accident can impact. Alan’s delivery had the entire workforce engaged for the entire presentation.

  • Sarah Barber

    Rohan was great to work with and he easily engaged the audience and held their attention for the duration of his presentation. I can imagine Rohan will only improve with the more presentations he delivers and the various types of audiences he experiences. I liked Rohan’s focus of family and how such an incident impacts […]

  • Bryce Steel

    James’ story helped give our employees perspective on how they can better manage their own individual safety whilst at work, rest and play. His story was touching and engaging and acts as further reinforcement that overall safety is everyone’s responsibility.  

  • Anthony Kanaan

    James attended all of our manufacturing, and sales and support sites in ANZ and was immediately able to make a strong connection with our all of our workforce.  His story was powerful, captivating, funny, and had a visible impact on our teams – it was obvious that the message was causing huge amounts of self-reflection […]

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Meet our Safety Speakers

  • banner_dp1


    James Wood

    Thrown from a truck & broke his back because of some choices he made

  • Alan


    Alan Newey

    Bang…. That is the noise Alan remembers as his right arm was ripped off by a conveyor belt

  • CNB-safe-untouched-small


    Michelle Rath

    Received the phone call that no parent should ever receive!..... that her youngest son had been killed at work

  • Anton-G-Head-High


    Anton Guinea

    Received flash burns & spent months in hospital realising how lucky he was to be alive

  • Greg Smith


    Greg Smith

    Fell asleep at the wheel and broke his neck because he pushed it too far

  • rohan-sykes


    Rohan Sykes

    Suffered third-degree burns to 35% of his body...all due to a lack of communication

Safety Speakers for your People

For many thousands of years we have shared stories, long before the internet & Google we have shared information in the form of a story or a tale.

CNBSafe Safety Speakers have adapted this approach in the way that we deliver information to your business. At CNBSafe Safety Speakers we have an injured worker or family member that can visit your workplace or safety conference and share their safety messages and experiences with your people!

Our Safety Speakers are willing to help you on your safety journey by telling how an injury or fatality changed their lives and affected many other people.

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How we can help you

We want to work with you to come up with some solutions specific to your workplace. We can tailor a training package for you that can include a Safety Speaker to visit your workplace, Safety Day or Conference, a workshop to identify & discuss issues specific to where you work and we will take the guess work out of what you need to come up with for your next safety theme.

We want to change the way employees think about safety, the old days of being told what to do or doing it because you “Have” to do it are gone!

Let us work with you to make your people want to go home to their families without injury & to make working safe the only way to do the job that we do!



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