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    Monday, August 21, 2017 at 2:42 am Safety Talks Post a comment

    NSW Ambulance Visit

    This month was a big one for the C&B Safe team. For the first time we had several safety speakers at the same conference at the same time.

    We were invited to share our stories with the NSW Ambulance service at their state Safety and Culture Summit in Sydney.

    Michelle, Greg and James travelled to NSW to give the attendees a different perspective on the service that they provide to the community.

    Feedback from the summit was great as many of these members don’t always see or hear the outcomes of some of the incidents they are called to attend.

    The summit had some pretty impressive speakers including Mark Donaldson VC who talks about leadership, David Evans a Qantas pilot who was on board QF32 when an engine blew up who talked about working together under pressure to deal with a situation and many other impressive speakers. It was great to be a part of this day and our messages were well received.

    Michelle also shares her thoughts from the day…

    Recently I was given the opportunity to co present with my colleagues James and Greg for the NSW Ambulance. It was a pretty important day for all 3 of us to be invited to such an elaborate event in their calendar.

    Why? The answer for me is simple, because of what has happened to us, our lives have been touched by those that work in this field.

    Speaking for myself personally and since that fateful day, I have struggled to even drive alongside an Ambulance or paramedic car because of what happened to my son.

    To this day I still freeze if one pulls up alongside me at a set of traffic lights.

    I close my eyes and try to wish it away as my body still tingles with pain and sadness.

    But the reality is sometimes to heal, is to confront situations head on.

    So that’s what I did, and in doing and as emotional as it was…. I realised that those attending are no different to us.

    They are professionals and they too can be affected long term by the job they carry out on a daily basis.

    They are not invincible, they have families to go home to, and at the end of their shift that’s exactly what they deserve.

    And that’s all any of us want!!!

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