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  • Orrcon Steel and Woody’s Words Safety Talks

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 1:48 am Safety Talks Post a comment

    Another company that I want to name this month for a safety talk that I feel is doing a great job is Orrcon Steel. Many of you know that I send out my Woody’s Words weekly video messages. I know that some businesses share these at toolbox talks or pre start meetings.

    One company that has been using them is Orrcon Steel in Brisbane.
    But they did something different this month.
    They invited me up to their site and then I hid in an office while everyone came into the training room. They showed my Woody’s Words Year in Review video message but then the Site Manager came and got me and introduced me to the group. I have to say it was quite embarrassing and humbling for me.
    Many of the people told me they enjoyed watching my Woody’s Words.
    So thanks to Orrcon Steel for supporting my weekly messages and for getting me out to meet your people for a safety talk.

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