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    Monday, July 10, 2017 at 12:42 am Toolbox Talk Topics Post a comment

    Safety Glasses… Ok just humour me here for a minute….

    Wherever you are at the moment just close your eyes and keep them closed for 30 to 60 seconds.

    What did you see? What did you think?

    Now have a quick think about what it would be like to be like that ALL the time!

    Because that is the result of not wearing safety glasses and getting chemicals or foreign objects in your eyes.

    The biggest argument I hear is that safety glasses are uncomfortable. For a start that is not true. 30 years ago safety glasses were big and cumbersome. But today safety glasses are as comfortable as your designer sunglasses that you wear all the time when you are not at work!

    Safety glasses come in many different specifications and configurations these days. From sleek lightweight safety glasses to fully sealed padded safety goggles.

    To me it is simple, the chance of something flicking up and hitting us in the eyes is slim, but the fact that we have a relatively easy to wear piece of PPE that can protect our eyes.

    I recently worked with a company that works in waste management, some of the waste is liquid waste and can be corrosive or toxic. I was speaking to someone that works for this business and they told me that employees are great with wearing clothing, gloves and boots that are all resistant to these chemicals yet they are having trouble getting people to wear safety glasses or safety goggles. Seriously if you know that these chemicals can burn your skin and go to the trouble of wearing the right clothes and boots surely you would make sure your eyes are protected too.

    Safety glasses can save your eyes.

    If you don’t believe me do a google search on safety glasses and see some of the projectiles that are embedded in safety glasses. They really can work.

    Here is another way of looking at it…… Hey that was funny, “Looking at it” Get it?….

    Ok lets think about the things you might not be able to do if you lost your sight.

    Drive a car

    Operate machinery

    Do your current job

    Read a book

    Watch a movie

    See your kids and grand kids

    Play sport or recreational activities

    And many more things…..

    So there is my reason for wearing safety glasses, sure they can be a little uncomfortable and occasionally require cleaning or wiping.

    But for the sake of your sight make the effort and wear your safety glasses and safety goggles. One of the easiest ways to protect our eyes.

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