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Woody’s Words

James Wood…aka “Woody the Safety Bloke”, will be sharing weekly video messages, tips, thoughts, ideas etc…

Directly from Woody himself…these will be real, unedited, some serious, some funny, some sad but all with a take away safety message to make you think!!

These are completely FREE and available to share with your team on a weekly basis to keep a safety mindset at front & centre.


Do you have a suggestion for a Woody’s Words?

Send it through to us and you will go into the draw for a FREE  CHOICES The James Wood Story training package. This is ideal for reinforcing the importance of taking responsibility for your own safety and for looking out for each other.

The package is valued at $1980.00 and will be drawn at the end of June.

Send your suggestions to


Access to these will be on this page, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn , Google + , Twitter & Vimeo

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  • Week 51 – My Shoes!

  • Week 50 – Shopping Trolley

  • Week 49 – Safety & PPE

  • Week 48 – Shoes on & off